KOTA KINABALU: Chief Minister Datuk Seri Panglima Haji Hajiji Haji Noor wants all  Government-linked companies (GLCs) to step up efforts to meet the target of paying at  least RM1 million dividend to the State Government beginning this year. 

He said there are more than 200 state GLCs and statutory bodies in Sabah but only a  little more than 10 have been paying dividends to the State Government. 

“There are those who have not paid. So, during my tenure as Chief Minister, I am making  it a point that all of them must pay at least RM1 million every year. 

“I want all GLCs to fulfill their duty to pay good dividends to be used for the benefit of the  state and the rakyat. Those entrusted to lead and manage GLCs must perform.” he said when chairing Sabah Softwoods Berhad’s Board meeting at Menara Kinabalu near here  today 

Last year, the State Government received a total RM114 million dividends payout from  GLCs and statutory bodies which represented a 12.9 percent increase compared to 2020. 

“Our decisive actions will determine the path to success and it is the leadership’s role to  chart this course. The State Government is confident that with a purpose and target in  place, we need to explore new revenue sources including investment initiatives and  various economic activities.” he added. 

Meanwhile, the Chief Minister said the crude palm oil (CPO) producers such as Sabah  must brace themselves to address any adverse situation with the very volatile global  economic situation brought on by the Russia-Ukraine conflict. 

He said market analysts have predicted Malaysian planters to be the largest winners in  the long run, as they are able to sell their CPO at high prices, which should translate into  a higher profit margin in the second quarter of 2022. 

“The current good CPO price works to our advantage and will be a boon. However, we  must not be complacent when the price is good. 

“There is a need to be mindful of, and to prudently manage the rising cost of materials,  transport, fuel, labour and other consequential prices of goods and services,” he said.

Hajiji was also pleased to note that actions were picking up to re-stimulate Sabah’s  economic growth during the transition to the endemic phase of the Covid-19 pandemic.  

“We are pushing harder to ensure there are no hurdles to curtail our Halatuju Sabah Maju  development plan,” he said. 

Earlier, he welcomed Mohd Daud Tampokong on board as Sabah Softwoods Berhad new  Chief Executive Officer.