SANDAKAN: The Sandakan Memorial Day is an apt opportunity for all to reflect on the  continued and shared desire for peace and that war does nothing but destroy mankind. 

“As we speak, at this very moment, wars are fought in many parts of the world, Young  men and women have been sent to battlefields and we all know the consequences all too  well. We offer a special salute to all and pray for their safe return to their loved ones,” said  Chief Minister Datuk Seri Panglima Haji Hajiji Haji Noor. 

In his speech at the Sandakan Memorial Day here today, Hajiji was glad that Sandakan  Memorial Park has served its purpose well.  

“It bore testament to the concerted efforts of the Australian and Sabah State Governments  as well as the Veterans Association, the Returned and Services League of Australia (RSL)  and the Sandakan Municipal Council which brought this Memorial Park to fruition. 

“Since its completion, this site has seen many returnees – special groups, visitors and  especially family members who travelled to Sandakan to honour the memories of their  loved ones,” he said. 

His speech was delivered by Tourism, Culture and Environment Assistant Minister Datuk  Joniston Bangkuai. 

Hajiji said the Sandakan Memorial Day was a day to remember brave allied soldiers and  local civilians who rest in silence and who could not speak for themselves. 

He said 77 years ago approximately 2,400 Australian and British prisoners of war were  imprisoned at the Sandakan Prisoners of War Camp not far from the Memorial Park. 

Half of the 1,066 forced to make the treacherous journey to Ranau over 260km away from  here perished in the infamous three Death Marches to Ranau and only six escaped alive  to recount the brutal horrors and atrocities they have suffered while the rest died in the  Ranau and Sandakan camps. 

“This shared wartime history between Australia, Britain and Sabah is a reminder of not  only the sacrifice and endurance of those who perished but also the loss and longing of  families they left behind.

“Today, we join family members and friends to remember this tragic loss. We think of  soldiers who came here far away from home to North Borneo, as we were known then, to  give their all, to lay down their lives fighting enemies in order to protect us and this land. 

“I’m honoured for this opportunity to say a few words to honour those who have given  their lives for us all … We are grateful and we will always remember them for their  sacrifices. They laid down their lives so we could live ours,” he said. 

The Chief Minister also lauded the efforts of the Sandakan Municipal Council and Sabah  Tourism Board and the organising committee for their continued dedication to hosting the  Memorial Day. 

Among those present were the Australian Minister for Veterans’ Affairs and Minister for  Defence Personnel, Matt Keogh, British High Commissioner to Malaysia Charles Hay,  Australian High Commissioner to Malaysia Dr Justin Lee, Housing and Local Government  Ministry Permanent Secretary representing the State Secretary, Datuk Dr Jamili Nais and  Sandakan Municipal Council President, Benedict Asmat.